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About Arthur Cheung

From personal experience, modern education, even in a highly developed metropolis like Hong Kong, continues to be exam-oriented. Especially, in the education of middle-school years, there is an investment into personal studies classes - but in many schools, these classes stop once students enter high school. The result is a lack of return: an opportunity that could be capitalized.  

On the other hand, there is the push of the UN’s sustainable development goals, which brings us to youth empowerment. It is essential to incubate a generation of ambitious, responsible, action-oriented global citizens to ensure that our methods of ensuring sustainability are sustainable themselves.

Putting two and two together, this is where the issue lies - educational institutes today centre around exam-oriented and temporary curricula when instead they should be emphasising youth empowerment through partnership with the SDGs. My goal in founding SDGxEdu is to alleviate this issue.

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What We Do

Quality education mandates SDG education. SDG Education necessitates quality education. SDGxEdu provides a framework for both to be achieved.


Designing integrable lesson plans to international curriculums

Through a mixture of globally sourced and expertly hand-crafted lesson plans, SDGxEdu provides in-depth lessons on each of the SDGs that are especially catered to younger students.

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Facilitate SDG-related Capstone Projects

After having assimilated the knowledge from our lessons, students will be well informed of what the SDGs are, and the methods we can implement to work towards them and thus students may be inspired to take on their own initiative to work on the SDG they feel most resonates with them. SDGxEdu provides resources such as contact with experts from different fields, and project ideation lessons, to enable this process.

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Forming a Youth Impact Community

Especially keen students may take on the role of SDG representatives from SDGxEdu to implement our lessons in their school. Course graduates and project founders who have arisen from SDGxEdy will be able to volunteer to form the next cohort of student leaders who will run SDGxEdu, creating a sustainable network of SDG youth champions.

About: What We Do
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